Thursday, May 7, 2020

Dear Central Family,

After listening to the governor’s presentation on Monday and participating in a large Zoom meeting with pastors of churches our size and larger conducted by the Arkansas Baptist State Convention on Tuesday, our staff met to discuss a plan for reopening. As of this date, here is where we are:

1. Our hope is to begin meeting on our campus in whatever form best complies with the latest information and guidelines in early to mid-June.

We will assess where we are near the end of this month (May) and publicize, we hope, a more definite date, but we believe this time frame to be realistic for some kind of resumption of some form of corporate worship based on what we now know.

2. The CBC Stewardship Team approved in a special-called meeting on Monday night funds that will enable us to purchase the cameras and other equipment we need to conduct live-streaming of Sunday services in our sanctuary.

We currently do not have the capability to stream in our sanctuary. Therefore, were we to begin conducting services immediately and were we to have to limit crowd size (as we currently would have to do and as we most likely will have to do for a season anyway) we would effectively be cutting off a large percentage of our church from worship altogether. In other words, we feel that it is wiser to continue what we are doing right now and be able to offer a streamed service online for everybody than push to have services in the sanctuary right now in which we would have no live-streaming and limited crowd size. The cameras and other equipment have been ordered though we are dealing with some back-order issues given the high demand on such equipment. We believe we will have the sanctuary ready for streaming by early June.

3. We will publish further information and guidelines by the end of the month, but if we are able to begin meeting in early to mid-June it will almost certainly just be for corporate worship and will involve implementing whatever responsible guidelines we must implement in whatever form they exist at that time.

Thank you for being patient and understanding. Also, I would like to publicly thank the Stewardship Team for approving the funds for live-streaming in the sanctuary. They have enabled us to order the equipment we need to do this right and, therefore, to keep live-streaming Sunday services as an ongoing ministry after we are past this virus.

Most Sincerely,