Welcome to “Notes from Norman,” reflections from the Central Baptist Church Sunday School Director, Norman Gillaspie. We will be adding to “Notes from Norman” periodically with the latest note at the top.


February 2020

“Benefits of Starting Sunday School Class on Time”

I wish I could say that most Sunday School classes start on time. What does being late communicate to members and guests? What is missed when classes don’t start on time? Consider these benefits of starting Sunday School on time:

  • Allows teachers to prepare for and present a full, life-changing lesson (being respectful of the teacher)
  • Allows the class not to rush through or skip prayer time, care and outreach assignments, and announcements
  • Provides intentional and spontaneous fellowship time (when more people are present)
  • Helps parents to be able drop off their kids and take full advantage of their own classes
  • Allows parents to leave class on time to pick up children before they are the last child causing fear of being left
  • More often leads to ending class on time
  • Easier for church staff and Sunday School leadership to identify quickly any problems (such as a missing teacher, space problems, etc.)
  • Guests see that the church is organized and prioritizes Sunday School

Let’s all take advantage of our great Sunday School and make it even greater as we seek to make disciples of Christ Jesus.


February 2020

What’s so great about Sunday School?

Can you discuss Bible subjects with “questions and answers” in a worship service?

Can you discuss struggles and joys of “life tomorrow” in a worship service?

Can you build close relationships in a worship service?

Can you share your heart with others in a worship service?

Can you do ministry together in a worship service?

You can in a small group of other people we affectionately call Sunday School. Give it a try and you will not be disappointed.


January 2020

SUNDAY SCHOOL- Is it more than just Bible Study?

Sunday School is much more than just Bible study. While the emphasis is on learning the Word of God, and being transformed into true disciples, the small group setting is where intimacy can happen in the body of Christ. It is a time where a small group of people can not only learn but discuss, encourage, challenge and grow in Christ. It is also a time to develop relationships with other people who are looking for the answers to life’s questions. People want that “1 A.M. relationship” much more than the Sunday morning one. It is a place where we can invite those who may not know Jesus as savior to come and seek out what real Christianity looks like. It is a place for engagement in ministry to those outside the church. Sunday School IS more than just Bible study!


December 2019


There are those who say Sunday School is dead or it is time to “move on”. The mission of the church is to make disciples. Jesus did not train His disciples only on the Sabbath. Jesus trained His disciples every day. If the church is to make true disciples, it will not be done only in Sunday morning worship services. Sunday School is the best place to make disciples. Sunday School is where small groups of people meet together for fellowship, Bible study and ministry. A real Sunday School class is much more than another Sunday morning meeting. It will carry over throughout the week where a church staff cannot do this alone simply because of the enormity of the task.

Is Sunday School for everyone? It absolutely is for everyone. We cannot live the Christian life alone. We are family and organically connected to one another (1 Corinthians 12).

Are you connected? Why not? We have great classes for everyone. Get plugged in today.