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Sunday School  9:oo am
Morning Worship 10:15 am
Evening Worship 6:00 pm


Fellowship Meal 5:00 pm
Awana 6:00 pm
Student Worship 6:00 pm
Choir Rehearsal 6:00 pm
Prayer/Bible Study 6:05 pm


Welcome to the Central Baptist Church website! Our desire as a church is to become an authentic family around the whole gospel for the glory of God and the reaching of the nations. We call these four goals our “4 Canons.”

  • Authentic Family
  • Around the Whole Gospel
  • For the Glory of God
  • And the Reaching of the Nations

This website is designed around these four ideals.  We hope it will give you a clear and helpful picture of who we are. We also very much hope you will come, visit, and consider joining with us on this amazing journey!

Our Journey Together

One of the ways we encourage one another as a church to reach towards these four goals is through what is called our “Church Covenant.”  This covenant is simply a statement of what it would look like to be the kind of church we believe God is calling us to be.  We say this periodically throughout the year as a reminder and a challenge to us all not to forget our values and our goals.
The Central Baptist Church Covenant
As a body of born again believers,
We covenant to become an authentic family by loving one another as Christ loves us, praying for one another, speaking truth to one another in love, being patient with one another, protecting one another, considering one another as more important than ourselves.
We covenant to embrace the whole gospel by studying God’s Word faithfully, learning the gospel together in family worship, giving ear only to sound doctrine, living out the gospel in our lives, embracing the whole counsel of God.
We covenant to bring glory to God by gathering for worship faithfully, singing to the glory of God, joining together in fervent prayer, doing good works to the Father’s glory, living lives that reflect the beauty of Christ, giving offerings to God joyfully and faithfully.
We covenant to reach the nations by sharing the gospel with those around us, reaching out to the poor and the needy, praying for the cause of missions in the world, giving to the financial support of missions, being personally involved in missions as God leads and as we are able.

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